tweebie – your digital travelmate

With tweebie you can quickly and effortlessly organize your entire stay and in future make bookings, purchase tickets, communicate, provide feedback and much more.

Experience tweebie from its beginnings and witness its development. Be among the first to benefit from unparalleled insider tips and new features.


Your advantages with tweebie

tweebie brings you closer to your travel destinations - receive information that is of personal interest to you and benefit from additional insider tips.


With the built-in change of destination feature, you will soon be able to organize stays, make bookings, communicate with your hotel or other users, and enjoy many more features in all tweebie destinations.

Relaxing holidays

You can make bookings before your arrival, inform yourself about what is going on in your destination and get in touch with the providers of tourism services.

Personal bulletin board

You will find information and offers that are relevant to you on your personal bulletin board. In the future you will be able to like, share, rate and comment these.


Thanks to the built-in messenger feature, you will soon be able to communicate with the providers of tourism services as well as other tweebie users.

tweebie community

The providers of tourism services work closely together in order for you to benefit from special offers and insider tips.

What can tweebie do?

First tourism regions already collaborate with tweebie. Their experiences and feedback flow into the further development of tweebie. The following features are planned, others will follow.

Personal bulletin board

Important personalised information at a glance

My tweebie

Receive personalised information and insider tips soon


In future you can make hotel, restaurant, ticket, wellness and many more bookings through tweebie.

Hotel and accommodation

Information about the booked hotel or about accommodations in the region


Current information on public transport links such as buses, trains, flights or shuttle services


Current weather including daily and weekly forecasts

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