tweebie - the future of guest interaction

tweebie is the world's first multi-destination communications and marketing platform for entire tourist destinations.

The total solution links tourism regions with tourists, guests, employees and residents. Service providers gain fascinating new avenues to establish long-term customer relationships and to personally address their target groups throughout the entire customer journey.


Why the need for tweebie?

The tourism industry accumulates vast amounts of data about guests and tourists. Yet, no system remains in place to collect, process and effectively handle the data of entire tourism regions. This is where tweebie comes into play.


A communications platform for all of Switzerland. tweebie links tourism regions with tourists, guests, employees and residents - in future with destinations across Europe as well.

Big data

Thanks to the meaningful use of big data you obtain a new tool to get to know your guests better, to communicate in a targeted way and to implement successful marketing campaigns.

tweebie users

With tweebie, guests will soon be able to organize their entire stay quickly and effortlessly, make bookings, buy tickets, communicate, give feedback and much more.


Thanks to the anticipated messenger function, service providers can communicate with their guests and customers within the same platform.

At the right time

The digital footprints that each guest leaves behind are linked to our intelligent algorithm in order for you to serve your guests at the right time with the right information.

What can tweebie do?

First tourism regions already collaborate with tweebie. Their experiences and feedback flow into the further development of tweebie. The following functions are planned, others will follow.

Personal bulletin board

Send personal information to your guests personal bulletin board

Digital guest folder

Provide the guest folder A to Z in a digital form


Effortlessly contact your guests and your employees at all times


Integrate your booking platform and make your accommodation and other offers directly bookable through tweebie

Personal offers

Publish your offers such as events, menus, wellness, children's entertainment programs, etc

Public information

Current information about the weather, public transport, mountain railways, activities, landmarks, opening hours, etc.


Receive feedback from your guests during their stay


Current weather including daily and weekly forecasts

Customer Journey

tweebie will support the customer journey effectively thanks to the targeted use of user data. A case study from the hotel industry and tourism industry follows.

  • Jenny looks forward to a few days in the mountains. By recommendation of her hotel she has installed tweebie.

  • During her outbound train journey she organizes her stay.

  • Jenny decides to register a personal account. Herewith all information can be tailored to meet her needs.

  • She can readily compare special offers, purchase ski passes, organize ski rentals, make restaurant reservations or book massage appointments.

  • At the same time she can communicate quickly and effectively with her hotel.

  • For Jenny, tweebie is the optimal solution. Upon arrival, everything is organized. During her stay, she receives information tailored to meet her needs.

  • Following her stay, she can still choose to remain connected with the region.

  • She is delighted and directly books her next holiday in Switzerland through tweebie.

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